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If you’re a service-based business and are getting to have an Instagram business profile then here’s how you’ll discover the way to plan and make Instagram posts which will drive more traffic to your profile also as increase the demand for your services or products. So here maybe a rundown of some points which might assist you to get most followers on your Instagram business profile:

Shape your content mix:

For a service-based business, social media is all about developing or creating connections. you would like to assist, provide service, deliver your brand to the right people, and build a particular level of trust among consumers.

To attain these goals, tell a correct tale with every set of nine squares on your Instagram feed. there’s the thumb rule for planning content i.e. 4:3:2 rule.

  • Four posts should include value and help your ideal customer.
  • Three posts need to make connections together with your ideal customer.
  • Two posts should promote or sell your services.

The above content mix will help to make a trustworthy relationship together with your followers and this permits followers to understand more about you.

Plan four posts that provide value:

To provide value to your customer, these posts are going to be inclusive of entertainment, education, or advice, to your followers.

Give advisable tips:

If your business is service-based then attempt to tell your experts to share tips together with your clients.

By giving supportive tips, you’ll found out authority as a specialist in your field, so when your followers require a service like yours, you’re the apparent decision.

Entertain with humor:

If your brand needs any humor then you want to entertain your audience humorously in your content. this will assist you to gain more online business and more followers will visit your page.

Three posts that help build connections with the audience:

Try to put three posts on your profile that help the followers or audience, which form an immediate relation with the business and are informed about your business personality. It is often wont to showcase your company culture or it are often about the corporate staff. you’ll also showcase events happening in your company which may drive the eye of your audience towards your brand. These are excellent tactics that help the business grow and help enhance the audience’s connection.

Schedule two posts that sell your service:

Try to schedule two posts on Instagram that might help to sell your service. This promotion will assist you to get more and more customers as you’ve got already established a relationship with the customer and now they require further insight into your brand. it’s vital to create and maintain a rapport together with your customer before you start selling your products.

Select the proper image/photo:

As you’ve got selected the right format and order of posting; now, it’s time to pick a proper image with good quality. the utilization of a beautiful image will help get more followers also as visitors to your page.

Create catchy captions:

For service-based organizations that aren’t intrinsically visual, great captions are essential. Captions enable you to recount your business’ story; assemble recognition and trust together with your followers; and welcome them to attract, collaborate, and work with you.


Formulating an honest content theme, visual content, and artistic captions lead to the simplest connection with the audience.

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